Thursday, May 31, 2007

It Worked

I just had to post from the road, (I'm in Elkhart, IN tonight) because I just couldn't let my last post linger at the top of my blog for too long. :)

Turns out the midwest isn't as vile as I remember.

I don't even mind the slow drivers so much anymore. They're a relief when you're trying to navigate a family filled Chevy mini-van along the I-80. Looking out on green trees and fields is a refreshing change from the typical California landscape. That and there is just so much space.

The wedding in Chicago went well. This was our first wedding where we took the kids along: It changes everything. Forget mingling at the reception, you're just trying to keep the kids from knocking over the cake and running into the kitchen.

The A-man got the virtual phone number of the flower girl, just 12 days his senior. He even got a kiss. I gave him a pointer, I told him to compliment her dress. He looked at me a little incredulously, but he tried it. I watched from afar, as the walked onto the dance floor, worked up the nerve and said: "Your dress is very pretty." She blushed and said "Thank you!". At which point he turned and shouted to me: "It WORKED!"

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