Thursday, July 05, 2007

RIP San Jose Mercury News

I've decided to let my subscription to the Mercury News laps. The paper has the stench of death all over it.

I really feel for all the people at the Merc. Those that are still there must be in hell, they've gone through a change in owners, relocation, and massive layoffs. I got to see AOL/TW do the same thing to Netscape first hand.

The business section sucks now. This was the most noteworthy part of the paper. The Merc used to have the best coverage of Silicon Valley business, VCs, Web2.0, and Startups. The reporters had intimate knowledge of players, companies and culture. Now it looks like a crapy blog on newsprint. Christ guys, if you're going to imitate a blog in print, use some color.

The final nail in the coffin was reading a Wall Street Journal one day and seeing more relevant Silicon Valley business stories than the Merc's own business section.