Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sears Point March 8-9, 2008

The M Coupe is back in working order after this little incident at Laguna Seca last December. The coupe was mostly ok, except for a bent SSR comp rim and a bent frame.

Fast forward to March 8 and 9th with the Golden Gate BMW Car Club of America. I had two great instructors and made some solid improvements to my line. I think I now have a solid handle on the esses (turns 8 and 8a, 9), one of the hardest combinations I've driven. It is much easier with the new suspension on the M coupe (the new bigger anti-sway bars make a big difference).

A big shout out to Paul, who hustled his stock '99 M coupe around Infineon. I never mastered the esses with the stock suspension, but he just nails it. I could car never get settled before the next turn. Way to go Paul.

Also, props to my friend Hakan, who after just one track event, got bumped up to driving the the C group. I have not doubt he'll be promoted again soon. :)

Now for some video: