Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oh Deer!

On July 5th I hit a deer, a baby deer to be precise, while out riding in the Los Altos Hills. It would as my (un)luck would have it, happen at the fasted point of my ride. I was traveling at 36mph at the time as the ride data from my Garmin 305 can attest.

Below is the Google street view of the accident scene:

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The deer ran out from behind the tree on the left. I had little time to react, I only managed to swerve left and clip it in the rear. the impact from the handlebars broke my scaphoid bone in my wrist and the subsequent impact with the pavement cracked the radius head in my elbow. I rolled over my left side, over my head, destroying my helmet, and then managed to land on my feet facing up the hill. I managed to run backwards and avoid falling down again. Really wish I have video.

The cast stays on for another 3 weeks, then a removable splint.


Bryn said...

Because EVERYONE asks: As far as I know, the deer is fine. It got up and ran up the hill into the woods.

John Smith said...

Wow, what luck. I've never heard of a cyclist/deer accident. Guess your lucky you didn't hit an adult deer or have it's parent pummel you after the crash. Glad you're ok though. On a side note, would you mind swapping cycling links on your bikelane site? I have a couple vintage Schwinn bike sites.